Dolphins Want Fans to “Feed The Wolf” By Howling

Yes, howling. Like wolves. Apparently flapping like fins just doesn't cut it

In a snowballing online movement, Dolphins fans are being asked to howl like wolves in Sun Life Stadium on Sunday.

That's right, wolves. As in the ones that the Dolphins have been sating since Tony Sparano asked players to "FEED THE WOLF" during training camp by wearing matching t-shirts and smacking the bejeezus out of each other.

Honestly, we're not sure whether to be appalled, impressed, or terrified -- or immediately begin attempting to shut down Twitter, where, according to Phinsider, the whole thing started. That Twitter is trouble!

There was an interesting Twitter exchange between Randy Starks, Sean Smith, and some Dolphin fans. The idea presented by the fan went over very well by the two players.

The suggestion? For all fans in attendance to "howl" during key defensive downs - helping to "feed the wolf."

Smith suggested the fans howl "especially on third down."

Starks then said he wanted fans to spread the word and that he was going to "bring it up tomorrow" - which I'd guess means mentioning this to his teammates.

Smith then replied to Starks and said the "stadium would be off the hook" if fans came through with this.

Oh, it'd be off the hook alright. It will also be...bizarre. There's plenty of things we do to encourage a Dolphins win -- wear orange against the Jets, even though it's not our color; sweat in the hot South Florida sun, even though our skin belongs darkness; drink mojitos by the plastic cupful, even though we prefer them in "gallon"; and endure whatever godforsaken Fergie promo Miami's marketing department foists upon us.

Actual howling like wolves? Well, we'll see. If everyone else is doing it. And only because actual dolphins make noises like cheap boardwalk rides, and there'll already be too much Jersey in the house.

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