Introducing Patrick Chewing

Have you noticed taxis zipping around New York with a sign reading "Snaxi" on top and wondered what that's all about? Wonder no longer, dear reader, for that's Snacklish, a new language invented by the good people of Snickers. Their branding doesn't stop at cabs, however, and extends to legendary New York basketball players as well. Presenting Patrick Chewing, via Slam Online:

Get Dunked on by Patrick Chewing

They couldn't have sprung for a jersey that reads Chewing instead of Ewing? Some thought obviously went into this campaign, and anyone who doesn't already know that his real name is Patrick Ewing is going to get nothing out of the commercial. And judging by the snug fit of that jersey, Number 33 either lied to them about his measurements or he enjoyed a few too many free samples before slipping it on.

Negatives aside, it's a fun spot. How great is it to see a return for the fade? Obviously, Pat's wearing a hairpiece in the clip, but it's been far too long since a NBA player has rocked that classic look.

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