It's Dwyane Wade's World, We Just Get To Watch

Dwyane Wade  has been good. Scary good. Really better than that, and he’s been doing it for a month now. He's been so good that he has lifted a pretty pedestrian Miami Heat roster to the fifth seed in the East. And if I coached the fourth-seeded Atlanta Hawks, I’d consider tanking to get out a first-round matchup with him.

I’m not kidding.

Since the All Star break, he is averaging 38.4 points per game while shooting a crazy-good 56.9%. He’s no doing it all himself, either — in the last 10 games he has dished out 10.5 assists per game, keeping his teammates involved. Those are MVP-type numbers, and Wade is pushing his way into what had been a two-man race.

Watch for yourself (unless you’re a Bulls fan, then you really don’t need to see this again, or at least keep sharp objects out of reach). Right now, if Wade walked on water out to the court, nobody would even think twice.

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