John Daly, Fashion Plate

John Daly has embraced a more fashion-forward look during his recent appearances on the European golf circuit.

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John Daly finished second in the Italian Open, which may be a sign that wearing drapes from the 1970's as pants agrees with his golf game.
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Daly, seen here at the 2008 PGA Championships, always cut a unique figure on the golf course but his European fashion choices are a whole new game.
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Daly appears to have mugged a poorly-dressed clown on his way to the Open de Espana.
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Yes, stripes are slimming. And when these pants were being used as tapestries they made the walls of a Spanish castle seem thinner than they actually were.
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A more traditional golf course look for the third round in Spain; Hopefully they'll be included in Daly's apparel line next season.
Daly channeled Martha's Vineyard for the final round in Spain, likely the first time he's ever been accused of doing that.
It was on to Turin and the Italian Open for Daly, where he may have been confused by the language when he asked for the hottest item from the Milan runways.
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For his next look, Daly turned his grandmother's favorite quilt into a pair of pants.
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No, you aren't tripping on acid. If you were tripping on acid there would be a time when the image of these pants might actually escape your mind's eye.
Anyone want to go back on that trip that Daly was offering yesterday?
All of which brings us back to where we started, although we may not be bidding Daly's sartorial stylings farewell just yet. He's broken 70 in five straight rounds, which may mean he'll be worth watching when he returns to our shores.
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