Ex-Canes' Dad Calls UM Rules “Slavery”

Dad of RB calls transfer policy "modern-day slavery"

Former Miami Hurricanes running back Storm Johnson declared his intent to transfer from the U nearly a month ago, but it looks like Canes fans have not heard the last from the formerly-hyped runner, and the situation is not getting any prettier.

This week Johnson's dad lambasted the Canes for preventing Storm from transferring to 26 schools, including every team in the ACC and SEC conferences and upcoming nonconference opponents.

"Any [BCS conference] school within six hours of his home has been blocked," Wesley Johnson told the Miami Herald. He likened Miami's transfer restrictions to "modern-day slavery," adding, "UM should be ashamed for doing this to an 18-year-old."

The practice of preventing transfers from joining teams in the same state or conference is pretty widespread among major programs, but Johnson thinks Miami is taking it too far. "I can respect ACC schools being on the list, but why Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee?" he asked.

He also clarified why Storm decided to transfer, telling the Herald, "Storm didn't approve of the military style he was being coached."

UM did not comment on Johnson's charges, but Al Golden did say of the running back, "He wasn't doing the things he needed to do. He can spin it any way he wants."

Something tells us calling Golden a drill sergeant and a slave-driver hasn't exactly softened his stance.

The Herald reported that Johnson has already visited Purdue University and will visit UCF this week.

David Hill is a Miami native who spent most of his childhood at the Orange Bowl.

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