LeBron James Says It’s Tough Without Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade missed his third straight game on Tuesday and LeBron James says it's tough.

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The Heat figured that Dwyane Wade would miss some games along the way this year especially on back-to-back days, but they may not have anticipated him missing three in a row as he has currently done.

LeBron James spoke to ESPN about the absence of Wade on Tuesday and how it makes things more difficult on the team.

"With some of the guys being in and out, and with the concern with D-Wade, it's been tough on all of us trying to fill that," the All-Star said.

Wade overall has missed 12 of the team's first 42 games and is likely to continue to miss some games along the way. The ultimate goal for Miami is to have a healthy Wade when the playoffs begin, but the team will also likely need him in game shape to succeed.

In the meantime, Wade's teammates will need to step up and cover for him. The situation is fluid and it remains a murky proposition to predict if and when Wade will be able to suit up on a regular basis.

"I don't know the program he's on. I do know that his knee, if he's feeling good, he's going to play. If he's not feeling good, he doesn't play," James said. "For me, as one of the leaders on this team, I've got to make sure the guys that are prepared to play are ready to play. When D-Wade is ready to come back, then that's what it is."

While Wade has missed a dozen games already, he has been succeeding in his time on the court putting up a career best 54 percent shooting percentage thus far.

The Heat will undoubtedly make the playoffs regardless of how much Wade plays in the regular season but their success at that point will rely heavily on the veteran.

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