Miami's Ochocinco To Dance With the Stars

Rumor has it Chad Ochocinco wants to dance with the stars

"Dancing With the Stars" has no clue what it is getting itself into.

Rumor has it Miami's favorite multiple personality Chad Ochocinco will headline the next crop of celebrities to compete in the dance competition's new season, which is scheduled to start March 22. is quoting "multiple sources" that Ochocinco will participate, but ABC has not confirmed any of the contestants for next season. The official announcement will come during the season finale of "The Bachelor" tonight.

If Ochocinco is part of the show, it will become must-see TV instantly. Chad probably doesn't even need a partner to win America's vote.

The Miami Beach High graduate formerly known as Chad Johnson has become more famous for his endzone celebrations and antics on the sidelines after he scores than his skills as a receiver. His rendition of the river dance was classic.

But there is no telling what he will do now that there is no chance he will be fined by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

It's likely Ochocinco will take this dance challenge very seriously considering the NFL has had a very good showing on the show. Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor nearly won the whole thing in Season 6 and Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith took the title in Season 3.

We wonder how Chad finds the time to do all this with his football career, his alter ego Esteban's kicking aspirations and the Ochocinco News Network, which debuted at the Super Bowl this year.

Expect to meet a new side of Ochocinco, with a new name to boot, on "Dancing."

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