Major League Baseball Launches Worst Hat Ever

Ideas don't get any worse than this

Major League Baseball's marketing folks, like any group of people in any profession, have a few successes to their name alongside a few key failures. Success: MLB Advanced Media, by far the most modern, up-to-date, and innovative new media wing of any professional sport in the United States, and perhaps anywhere in the country. Failure: Not keeping a PR flack in front of Bud Selig at all times.

So, you know, you hit some, you miss some. Baseball! It happens. But we have to go ahead and bust out the hyperbole machine on this one: this is pretty much the worst idea for a garment in the history of professional sports and/or garments. Yes, it's the watermelon scratch-and-sniff baseball cap.

This is a real thing! We are not making this up! It retails for $14.99 on the store. Of course, it isn't our job to tell you what to do with your money, but good God, go buy the Grizzly Bear album or something. There are about ten thousand better things you could spend your $15 on. "How to deal with the media, a seminar by Bud Selig," would be a better investment.

Pink hats are bad enough. Whether rightly or wrongly, they have come to symbolize fans who go to the park with little or no interest in baseball, who treat Wrigley Field like a singles bar. We're not sure where a scratch-and-sniff pink hat fits in. Perhaps you're looking to mingle, and you're also insane? The personal brand options here are endless, and none of them are flattering.

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