March Sadness

Colleges will be playing in front of empty seats at the AmericanAirlines Arena

The infectious bug that is the NCAA tournament must have been eradicated somewhere around Tampa because it sure hasn't made its way down to the AmericanAirlines Arena.

More than 5,000 tickets remain unsold as first-round play begins Friday in the Triple A. That almost ensures that the weekend sessions won't be sold out - an unthinkable feat considering the popularity of the "Big Dance" across the nation.

Call it March Sadness. How about March Apathy. Better yet, let's call it what it is - South Florida.

We understand the Hurricanes didn't make the tourney, but is that any reason to force teams from Arizona, Utah and mighty Stephen F. Austin to play in front of empty seats?

Well, maybe.

The draw for Miami was pretty weak this year with the marquee teams probably being Wake Forest or Syracuse.

NCAA officials are already preparing for the worst and have brought in black curtains to cover over the empty upper level orange, red and yellow seats. Don't be surprised if a blue screen is brought in and Spartan soldiers a la the movie "300" appear behind a basket where premium seats rest unoccupied.

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