Marlins Reliever Spooked at ‘Haunted' Hotel

Cishek tweets "Can't sleep... My room is def haunted"

With the Marlins in Tampa to start a weekend series against the Rays, relief pitcher Steve Cishek felt an eerie presence at the team's hotel, and let his Twitter followers know all about it.

Too bad he didn't find out whether the ghost could help the team break its ongoing losing streak.

"Currently crapping my pants... Can't sleep... My room is def haunted," he tweeted late last night.

According to the Marlins blog Fish Stripes, the team stays at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg when visiting the Rays, and tales of supernatural phenomena are not uncommon at the hotel.

The SciFi channel show Ghost Hunters filmed an episode at the Renaissance Vinoy in 2008, inspired in part by the tale of former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Scott Williamson.

On a 2003 road trip, Williamson says he felt a presence in his room, then saw a ghost-like figure.

"I looked, and someone was standing right where the curtains were," he said of the incident. "A guy with a coat. And it looked like he was from the 40s, or 50s, or 30s – somewhere around that era."

Perhaps the Marlins could enlist some supernatural help to snap the team out of its current funk. The Fish have lost 16 of their last 17 games, and ace pitcher Josh Johnson will be on the disabled list until at least mid-July.

Do any of those ghosts have a good fastball?

David Hill is a Miami native and cofounder of Marlins Diehards, the only Florida Marlins blog with perspective on the eccentricities of Marlins fandom.

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