Marlins Set To Use Drone and Helmet Cameras For Team Practices

The Marlins are taking a modern day approach to practice and plan to use a drone as well as helmet cameras

The Miami Marlins are looking to go high-tech this year and plan to use a drone as well helmet cameras during practices, according to the Miami Herald.

The small cameras will be attached to the top of a player's helmet and record their practice session. The Herald report goes on to say that the idea to employ the use of these cameras came from none other than the manager of the Marlins, Mike Redmond.

The skipper went on a skiing trip this off-season and noticed that some of the skiers wore cameras on their helmets. It was then that he approached Marlins' video coordinator Cullen McRae with the idea to do the same in Miami.

The drone, which would have a camera attached to it, is still pending but is expected to arrive by the end of this week, the Herald reported.  The idea for the drone is similar to one being utilized by the Washington Nationals this spring.

There's one big difference in the overall goal between the teams. The Nationals are using a drone camera to record footage for their video board at home games as in-game entertainment. The Marlins currently plan to use it as a way to improve the play of the team.

After losing 100 games in 2013 and finishing in last for a third straight season, the Marlins are looking for all kinds of ways to have a better year in 2014. Signing several free agents was a start, as was revamping the coaching staff. This new age approach to practice can only be a positive, giving the team all new angles to review.

With this kind of footage, a player may be able to see a change in the field that he needs to make more easily. It may help a hitter better identify pitches and decision making. It can help a pitcher see where he needs to change his wind-up or arm slot. The possibilities are nearly endless and for a team looking to be on the rise like the Marlins, that's a welcome change.

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