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Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Amy Talks LIV Takeover


With just a few short weeks till September 12th, the first regular season game for Miami’s favorite football team, we have the next best thing that will hold any fan over till then: A room full of Dolphins cheerleaders.

On Wednesday, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders will unveil their 2012 Swimsuit Calendar at their annual swimwear fashion show, being held at LIV, inside the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. And fourth-year veteran Amy gave us a little sneak peek of what fans can expect,

“The last two years I have been featured in the calendar and to be in this years is equally as exciting. You never know if you're going to make it--22 girls are photographed. And we especially can’t wait for fans to see it. LIV is gorgeous, with all the adrenaline, the lights, and the fashion show-- we can’t wait to walk the runway. “

She added, “I am just hoping I don’t fall.”

While we can’t guarantee you players like Reggie Bush and Jason Taylor will be stopping onto the orange carpet at the event, Amy told Niteside football fans should be excited for them to step out onto the field this upcoming season.

“The energy around the stadium is incredible. I know the coach has been prepping them and working them hard at training camp to make all those big plays we have been wanting to see for the last few years now.  With the addition of Reggie Bush and Jason Taylor returning, it has really uplifted the Dolphins spirits.”

And if you are looking to become a Miami cheerleader, here are some tips from the cheerleading veteran herself.

“The process is definitely a hard one,” Amy said, “They want the best of the best. They are looking for the all around girl. From personality, dance ability to body figure. If I was going to give tips to girls looking to try out, get involved in some dance classes, start working on the Dolphin glamorous look,  how they do their hair and make up. I even Youtubed a few of their dance routines to see how they danced before I tried out. “

Her most important suggestion of all, “If you stay healthy and kind of look at their expectations, you will have no problem at all. “


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