MMA vs. Pro Wrestling: You Decide

Battle rages on the game console

How the catchphrase, ‘I pity the fool’ could capture the nation’s imagination for such an expanded period of time is beyond most media scholars, yet there’s no denying the cultural phenomenon that Mr. T represented in the ‘80s.

Long before the Flavorwave Oven, at a time when Ricky Stratton needed a heavy and D.C. cab drivers could rip car doors from their hinges more efficiently than the Pumphrey brothers, Fernando held court with Mr. T and Hulk Hogan in his Hideaway before the first Wrestlemania.

This was the dawn of the second Golden Age of Pro Wrestling. (You can make a solid argument, mostly to Baby Boomers, that Gorgeous George Wagner, not Jimmy Garvin, helped create the frenzy around this swath of pop culture back when the acronym NWA wasn’t offensive and didn’t involve Eric Wright.)

We’ve since entered the age of Mixed Martial Arts, and in recent years, brands like UFC have seen annual pay per view dollars surpass that of the WWE and boxing.

A new UFC video game has arrived, 'UFC Undisputed 2009,' on the heels of the latest WWE branded game, 'Legends of Wrestlemania.' (Check out the embedded video review for more on both)

So here’s the main event… it’s not a battle in the cage between the two, but instead a matter of choice. If you had to pick just one of these games to play for an entire month, which would you choose?

Laurence Scott still has a WCCW program that was autographed by his childhood favorite wrestler, the late “Gentleman” Chris Adams.

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