Murder Mystery at Home of Ex-Jet Jonathan Vilma

Police investigating a double murder

Early Friday morning, police found the body of Sekou Sakor after it was thrown off a bridge in Brooklyn. He'd been shot once in the head, as was Ansu Keita, whose body was discovered in a vacant lot in Queens later the same day. The two Liberian immigrants were friends and may have been involved in an Internet money scam, according to the New York Post.

Or they could have been killed after a group of men broke into Sakor's apartment to steal cocaine, that's the Daily News' report, but where all are agreed is that police are very interested in a condominium owned by former Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma. It's been empty since the Jets dealt Vilma to the Saints in 2008, but neighbors told police that they heard two gunshots on Thursday night shortly after two vehicles pulled up to Vilma's place.

A New York Police Department spokesman confirmed Tuesday that the two men were killed at Vilma's condo, which is in the Long Island town of Woodbury. They believe the killings were a result of a dispute over money, but didn't offer any other specifics.

One neighbor told the Post that one of the men claimed to be Vilma's cousin, and had the password to the gated community and keys to Vilma's condo. They didn't stay long, reportedly loading something into the bed of a pickup truck and taking off.

Vilma isn't suspected of involvement in any crime, but police do want to find out who may have had access to the home. His agent said Vilma's been trying to sell the home, but the bursting of the bubble gives him this headache to deal with instead.

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