Nightmare Flushing for Mets Fan

Arm stuck after dive for gold tooth

Sometimes being a Met fan sucks -- literally.

As the Mets were giving away a 2-run lead over the Braves last week, one of the team's faithful got her hand trapped in the cold porcelain grip of one of Citi Field's new toilets. 

An unidentified female fan seeking relief amid the Mets 8-7 12th-inning defeat somehow had a gold tooth come loose. Unable to bear the idea of parting with it, she fruitlessly jammed her hand into the toilet bowl, The New York Post reported.

Instead of coming away with a handful of gold, the toilet had a handful of her. She sat there screaming as the toilet continued to flush over her arm until security arrived; they in turn called Cardoza Plumbing, the folks who installed all 646 toilets in the Mets new home.  The low-flush "green" toilets installed at the stadium use powerful vacuum suction to cut down on water use, which may have contributed to the problem, according to the Post.

As a Cardoza plumber drove from his Jamaica headquarters to Flushing, the toilet continued flushing and a crowd gathered outside the women's room near Section 338. Suffice to say, the man from Cardozo was able to rescue the hapless maiden.

"The truth is, this kind of thing happens all the time -- usually with wedding rings or cellphones," a Queens plumber told the Post. "People have probably been getting their hands stuck in toilets as long as there have been toilets."

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