Nightmare Fuel: Marlins Rookies Get Hazed in Costumes

Blame Wes Helms if you'd like to scrub your brain with bleach after seeing what he did to the rookies

Ah, the annual rites of fall: leaves change up north, weather cools, 'Canes fans forget their national title teams weren't perfect, and Marlins rookies don hilarious costumes while undergoing Wes Helms' hazing.

And now, a new one: Marlins fans having laid eyes on the latter event will never sleep again. Check out Logan Morrison's hazing getup worn on the plane from Milwaukee to Atlanta Sunday night (click here, if you dare, to see the not-safe-for-work bottom half): 

"Ever wonder what Baywatch would have been like if David Hasselhoff had an ugly twin sister on the show?" he wrote on Twitter. "Now u know!"

We wish we didn't. Others were a little less...voluminous. Slugger Mike Stanton tweeted a pic of himself with reliever Jose Ceda, with the line "Haaa two 6'5 babies." 

Gaby Sanchez made for one alarming sexy cop. Ozzie Martinez was an almost respectable fireman. In a nod to his brawl with the Nats, Alex Sanabia was dressed as a female boxer.

Scott Cousins sported a hot pink flight attendant outfit, which is funny, because as a recent starter his on-field contributions have so far been peanuts.

We don't mean to scar you for life, but if you've been watching the 77-79 Fish play this season, that's happened already. Here's video of the guys leaving the locker room, courtesy of the Palm Beach Posts' Fish Tank blog.

And good luck in recovery.

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