Obama Predicts Heat Win to Cleveland Reporter

With his Bulls already gored, the President has to root for somebody

President Barack Obama isn't one to shy away from sports and predictions, but he might want a little added security when he next sets foot in the state of Ohio.

The most powerful basketball fan in the world has officially hitched his wagon to the Miami Heat, telling a Cleveland reporter of all people that he thinks Miami will win the NBA Finals.

Not that Obama is a frontrunner or anything, but he made the prediction after the Heat took a 2-1 series lead.

The Commander in Chief also thought the Chicago Bulls would send the Heat packing in the Eastern Conference Finals and bet a Miami reporter a Chicago-style hot dog.

No word if Obama had the White House ship one down to the reporter.

And it's not like the president didn't know bringing the Heat up or mentioning anything that will conjure up the image of LeBron James to someone from Ohio might be a sore topic.

"Is Cleveland still rooting against Miami?” Obama asked reporter Leon Bibb on Monday, according to Newsnet5.com.

Bibb replied, "Yeah, we're working on that."

Sorry, Dallas.

Looks like Obama is already getting prepared for a White House visit from his good buddy Dwyane Wade and super friends.

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