Tom Brady Can Walk on Water, Can't Row a Boat

Patriots QB rescued after capsizing kayak

Turn up the heat in a Super Bowl with the entire world watching and Tom Brady won't even break a sweat, but put him in a little boat on the Charles River and the Patriots quarterback loses his footing -- literally.

The football superstar had to be rescued during a kayaking trip on Sunday with his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, the Boston Herald reports.

The couple was rowing when Tom flipped his rented kayak and couldn’t get back in, so a boathouse attendant pulled the football celeb from the water, the Herald reports.

Maybe all those Super Bowl rings weighed the boat down. Whatever the cause of Brady's damp fumble, his pride never had a chance. The guy who fished him out has been bragging about it ever since, according to the Herald.

Brady’s probably in for some serious ribbing when the team’s three-day mini-camp starts Wednesday.

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