Parker's Poker Prowess Pays Off

Local college dropout hits it big

Brock Parker just proved that we're all fools.

Who needs a college education when you can make a pretty darn good living playing poker? Not Parker, who took home close to $224,000 and one shiny bracelet this past weekend by winning a World Series of Poker event at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Parker grew up in Silver Spring, Md., and attended the University of Maryland for about a year before dropping out because, well, he played too much poker. At least that's what he told the Washington Post in a story back in 2004.

On Sunday Parker won his first bracelet by taking down WSOP veteran Daniel Negreanu in the finals of the $2,500 Limit Hold'em/Six Handed event.

Going into the final rounds, Negreanu (who you may recognize from those TV commercials for poker Web sites) knew who his main competitor would be.

"Main competition is Brock Parker- tsoprano on PokerStars," Negreanu Tweeted. "He's tough."

That statement proved to be quite true. Even though Negreanu went into the finals with a lead in chips, Parker nibbled and nibbled until he gained the advantage.

Bluff Magazine gives the final blow-by-blow:

On the final hand, Brock Parker raised and then Daniel Negreanu called. The flop was Ace of Hearts, 10 of Spades and 6 of Diamonds and Negreanu checked. Parker bet, Negreanu raised, Parker made it three bets, and then Negreanu raised to four bets. Parker finished the action with a call. The turn was the 4 of Spades and Negreanu bet all in. Parker called.

Parker: Ace of Diamonds and Jack of Spades Negreanu: King of Hearts and 10 of Diamonds. The river card needed to be a ten or a king for Daniel to stay alive. The dealer burned one card and then dealt the 8 of Spades on the river. Just like that, it was all over and Brock Parker claimed his first ever WSOP bracelet!

So there you go kids. While his route to fortune might not be a normal one, you can't argue with the results. Congrats to Parker on a big win. When do the TV commercials begin?

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