Randy Starks Says Arrest Report Is All Kinds of Wrong

The Miami Dolphin disputes, oh, just about everything from his Memorial Day mishap

According to Randy Starks' attorney, Ed O'Donnell, the officer who arrested the Miami Dolphin defensive end over Memorial Day weekend is full of more hot air than a freight liner tire.

"What's alleged in the arrest report didn't happen," O'Donnell told the Miami Herald. "It's ludicrous. This is a decent guy who was arrested for one reason - he's in a big car, and it's a bunch of black guys in the car."

While the report stated that there were 13 people in the freight liner truck Starks was driving, Starks claims there were a mere nine - four male friends, including teammate William Kershaw, four lady friends they took a liking to at The Clevelander, and Starks at the wheel.

The woman who was supposedly on his lap? Nonsense. She was on the console.

The report also claimed the cop knocked on the window.

Impossible, said O'Donnell, seeing as how the window is 15 feet above the ground.

And the whole running into the cop thing is also contested. Starks said he pulled over to the curb on the right, so there's no way he veered left and hit the cop.

We're waiting for the part when Starks pulls off the cops' mask Scooby Do-style to reveal... Bill Parcells!

A court decision should be made by Monday, but until then the Dolphins don't plan on taking disciplinary action.


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