R.I.P. LeBron Puppet?

With the Cavs on summer vacation, what does LeBron (puppet) do now?

Nike had to see this coming or have some contingency plan in place. What did they think would happen if the MVPs (Most Valuable Puppets) LeBron "King" Puppet or Kobe "Bean" Puppet didn't make the NBA Finals?

Puppet LeBron Gone Mad

Well, the rumors started flying fast and furious once the Orlando Magic sent The Puppet King packing after the Eastern Conference Finals.

Would LeBron puppet be the bigger man, er, puppet, and show up at Game 1 of the NBA Finals to root on his roommate? Would LeBron puppet surface in the Magic locker room pre-game and deliver the handshakes the real LeBron forgot after the Game 6 loss? Or did LeBron puppet simply drown his sorrows in a clowd of powder?

Sadly, there was no cameo appearance during the Lakers blowout win Thursday (trust us, we were looking hard). And Dwight Howard is still waiting for his hand shake, chest bump, fist pound or any other congratulatory expression from James.

ESPN's Rick Reilly guessed LeBron abruptly broke his rental lease with puppet Kobe, leaving the crib void of a video game system and mountains of powder. He also probably ate all the leftover Chinese food before he bolted. (The Puppet Police allegedly found scratches on Kobe's championship ring case, which implies puppet LeBron may have tried to take a parting gift.)

The Onion had a slightly more gruesome take on puppet LeBron's post playoff future. Let's just say, we hope puppet LeBron stayed away from any ledges after the Magic loss.

Our guess is LeBron Puppet didn't even watch the game, considering his ultra-competitive streak. There's always text messaging puppet D-Wade and puppet Chris Bosh (who could very well be the real Bosh considering he is a dead ringer for that rastafarian muppet) about free agency in 2010.

With so many things to do, it's not likely we will "witness" puppet LeBron anymore this season. He is probably too busy shining his MVP trophy anyways...or searching Craigslist for a slightly less successful roommate for next year.

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