Santana Moss: wide receiver, motivational speaker, cafeteria lady

The former UM football star talks to students, then serves them

Santana Moss didn’t decide to do the right thing because of himself. He did it for mom, he told a group of students at J.P. Taravella High and James S. Rickards Middle School earlier today.

“I’m going to tell them how hard I strive for excellence,” the former University of Miami receiver -- who joined the team as a walk-on and ended up becoming one of the university’s most accomplished receivers -- told NBC6 before speaking. "Some athletes don't have it in their heart to do it," he said about speaking to kids and being a role model, "I have it in my heart and I don't think twice about it."

“They see these athletes, they see these entertainers that they idolize, and they really don’t know that we came from the same places, same upbringings. Some of us struggled worse than what they’re going through.”

The former Carol City High student talked about growing up on 79th Street, which isn’t exactly Lincoln Road (except for the mostly naked women).

“I was fortunate. I had two parents at home who worked their behinds off. Even when they weren’t around I had people around who influenced me, like coaches and teachers.”

Following the speech, Moss, who now plays for the Washington Redskins, made a visit to a selected classroom and served lunch to students in the cafeteria. No word on whether or not it was Sloppy Joe day.


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