Serena Williams Likes Baselines and Bangles

The #1-ranked tennis player wants you to wear her bling

Sisters. They can be so competitive. Venus started to win tennis tournaments, so Serena had to win more tennis tournaments. Venus started her own clothing line, so now Serena is starting her own clothing and accessories line.

Fans can now take home a piece of the notoriously eccentric dresser’s style, and without the millionaire athlete price tag – every piece is under 100 bucks. The line – named Signature Statement -- will be for sale on the Home Shopping Network and staring April 30.

The number one-ranked women’s tennis player still wants everyone to know, though, that tennis is her top priority. Catch her in action now at the Sony Ericsson tennis tournament on Key Biscayne. Oh yeah, her sister will be there, too.

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