Shaq Tweets About a Kobe Taste Test

And the "Big Dookie" is not talking about eating a little humble pie

The whispers coming in the Kobe Bryant post-game press conference had to be heard from L.A. to Miami. No one wanted to hear answers about how easy it was to dispatch of the Orlando Magic or how great Phil Jackson is as a coach.

Shaq Taste Test

What we all wanted to know was whether or not Kobe was going to ask his former teammate and nemesis to his legacy, Shaquille O'Neal, to taste his... well you know what. After all, the Big Aristotle so eloquently dropped some lyrics asking the same cuisine question of his former sidekick.

Kobe didn't but that didn't stop Shaq from stepping up to the plate to eat a little humble pie - Twitter style.

"Congratulations kobe, u deserve it. You played great . Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know what yur sayin rt now "Shaq how my ass taste," was the post last night from THE_REAL_SHAQ, O'Neal's Twitter identity.

In public, Kobe and Shaq have played nice with each other in recent years, downplaying their feud that led to O'Neal being traded to the Heat and Kobe becoming the most hated player hater in professional sports.

Rumors resurfaced that the feud was on and poppin' again after Shaq, whose real name should be "The Big Ultimate Opportunist," freestyled at a New York night club and dropped some lyrics and a chorus about Kobe.

"You couldn't do without me. Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes?," Shaq quipped.

Kobe never responded to the diss verse like a true MC would, despite his own proficiency at rhyming. Instead, Kobe focused on the season and the task at hand of winning an NBA title.

Well Kobe did win and now it might be the aging O'Neal's turn to take a taste.

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