South Florida's Best Hopes at Sochi May Lie With 2 Speedskaters

In two months, the Olympic torch in Sochi, Russia will be burning bright, marking the opening of the 2014 Winter Games. NBC 6 and again has the honor of bringing the Games to you and following our local athletes who are pushing to make the Olympic team.

South Florida’s best hopes may lie with two speedskaters – Brittany Bowe, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, and Eddy Alvarez, the pride of Columbus High School in Miami.

In just the last month, Bowe has won two gold medals, two silver medals and set a new world record on the ice during international warm-up events.

Bowe says she has wanted to be an Olympian her whole life.

“The Olympics is the highest platform of being a sportsman, and I want to be the best in the world,” she says.

Alvarez says it’s been a dream of his since he was a kid.

“The fact of being an Olympian, and representing my country, my people, my hometown, it’s just never left the back of my head,” he says.

Alvarez describes skating as thrilling and intense. “Anything can happen.”

Bowe echoes the sentiment.

“One slipup, one misstep, that’s the end of it for you,” she says.

Both athletes are preparing for the U.S. Olympic trials, which begin in January. They’re focused on making the Olympic team – and shooting for the podium after that.

“When I’m sitting around, just daydreaming or sleeping, it’s in my mind 24/7. I can taste it, that’s for sure,” Bowe says.

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