Scandalous Sports Sexcapades

Sports stars are often our heroes, sometimes our role models and always entertaining, especially when their lewd behavior makes it to the front pages. Here are some famous sports sex scandals.

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Baseball player Kris Benson's wife Anna has been known to start trouble for her husband. Mrs. Benson once arrived to a children's Christmas party dressed as a provocative Mrs. Claus. Another time, she told FHM magazine that she would have relations with her husband's entire organization (the New York Mets at the time) if he ever cheated on her.
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In 2003, the LA Lakers's Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual assault by a hotel worker. Bryant admitted to sleeping with the woman, but denied allegations of rape. Bryant issued a statement saying, "Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did." Throughout the ordeal, his wife Vanessa (pictured here) stayed by his side.
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Isiah, Isiah, Isiah... In October 2006, Thomas and Madison Square Garden were sued for sexual harassment by Anucha Browne Sanders. The matter came to trial and MSG was ordered to pay Browne Sanders $11.6 mil, one of the largest sexual harassment judgments in history.
Double whammy! In the middle of his federal steroids probe in April 2008, country music singer Mindy McCready confirmed a decade long affair with Roger Clemens.
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Talk about timing. The night before Super Bowl XXXIII, Falcons free safety Eugene Robinson had to call the GM to bust him out of jail after being arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Just a few days before the incident, Robinson had won the Bart Starr Award for "high moral character."
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Dreaming of shaking a losing streak? Hop on board a sex cruise! In 2005, 17 Vikings players shook the boat with prostitutes that QB Daunte Culpepper allegedly co-organized. Refreshed from their vacation, the Vikings won seven of their next nine games.
Pro athletes frequent the strip clubs - not a shocker. But to talk about it in open court? During the 2001 racketeering trial of Steve Kaplan's Gold Club, Patrick Ewing and Andruw Jones took the stand. During testimony, one former stripper was asked who was present during one of Ewing's romps and she answered, "The whole [expletive] NBA."
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Just call him "Ron Mexico." Before he was indicted for dogfighting, Michael Vick was sued by former girlfriend, Sonya Elliott. She claims she contracted herpes from him while he was well-aware of his condition. According to her, Vick visited clinics under the alias "Ron Mexico" to get treatments.
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"Freaky like Marv Albert..." The popular broadcaster was nixed from NBC when he allegedly bit his former lover over 15 times during a rendezvous-gone-wrong. Albert was brought back to the network less than two years later.
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Was he blind?! In 1985, LA Dodger pitcher Dave Stewart was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Also arrested was the hooker, "Lucille," who was actually Elson Tyler, a 27-year-old 6-foot-3 unemployed laborer.
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Caught with your pants down. In December 2004, then Rockies pitcher Denny Neagle was arrested for speeding. Cops noticed his belt unbuckled and questioned the female passenger. Yep, $40 for oral sex.
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LSU basketball head coach Dana "Pokey" Chatman allegedly had improper relations with a former player. Chatman's friend and former teammate brought the girl-on-girl action to the university's attention, which brought about Chatman's resignation in 2007.
Thank goodness for camera phones! In 2004, six St. Johns basketball players went out to a strip joint, where three - Elijah Ingram, Grady Reynolds and Abe Keita - negotiated a price for a woman to come back to their university-paid-for hotel room for sex. When the players did not pay, the woman cried rape. The three were cleared when Ingram produced a video from a camera phone.
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Life's not easy on the road. In 1988, Wade Boggs called off his four-year extramarital affair with his road mistress, Margo Adams, a California mortgage broker. Afterward, Adams filed a $12 mil lawsuit for emotional distress and lost income during the relationship.
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In March 2006, a black stripper and escort falsely accused three white members of Duke University's men's lacrosse team of violently raping her at a private party where she was hired to perform. After a a 12-week investigation, David Evans, Colin Finnerty and Reade Seligman were cleared of sexual assault charges because of insufficient evidence.
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Alabama football coach Mike DuBose lasted the '99 season after admitting he'd been snooping in his executive secretary's drawers, an act that cost his employer $350K.
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Honey, I'm in love with someone else... your best friend. In 1978, pitcher Dennis Eckersley's wife, Denise, told him she was in love with his good friend, outfielder Rick Manning.
Trading... families? The Yankees lefthanders Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich shocked their teammates and the rest of America when they showed up at spring training in 1973 and announced that they had swapped wives, kids and pets over the winter.
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The following are sports celebs in trouble with the law for regular crimes: Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress started his two-year sentence for carrying an illiegal handgun in a Manhattan nightclub. The NFL star accidentally shot himself in the leg after storing the weapon in the elastic band of his sweatpants.
OJ Simpson Mug Shot (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage) We probably don't need to remind you what he was accused of doing.
This is a mug shot of Tony La Russa after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Jupiter, FL on March 21, 2007.
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He has been convicted of anything yet, but former Giants slugger Barry Bonds faces criminal charges out of San Francisco connected to lying about alleged steroid use.
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