Stadium’s Super Bowl Grass for Sale

Souvenir will leave fans high -- on a Saints win.


Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Landshark/Sun Life/Snooki Stadium has invested in its fair share of publicity stunts.

Celebrities as "minority" owners. Orange Carpet. Theme song re-makes.

Now, the stadium is selling grass.

But wait, you might say - isn't Ricky Williams just smoking the defense these days?


But if you're in the market for a square of sod from where the Saints beat the Colts on Super Bowl Sunday, collectible company Stadium Associates, which also sells BCS Championship, Yankees, and Phillies sod, is scooping up 3 x 3-sized pieces of field to sell on their website.

The sod will come both from the endzones and from areas of the field where key plays were made. We're not sure how one would confirm that, unless it comes with an imprint of Drew Brees' shoe or a lock of Jeremy Shockey's greasy Viking hair.

Regardless, the sod is encased, freeze-dried, and displayed along with a photo of the field, NFL hologram, and a card displaying the Super Bowl XLIV logo.

Bonus: the sod is extra worn, the site boasts.

"For historic reference, this will also be the first time a Super Bowl game was played on game worn sod; the same field used for the Pro Bowl which is being played the week before at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL."

Each piece will cost you about a Benjamin. Peyton Manning tears not included.

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