Super Bowl Enters New Dimension

First-ever all-3D commercial break to premiere during this year's game

This year's Super Bowl is so big, it'll literally pop off your TV screen.

The first-ever all 3D commercial break event will premiere during the Super Bowl this year, featuring larger-than-life advertisements for DreamWorks' new film "Monsters and Aliens" and SoBe LifeWater.

The break will air at the end of the second quarter, according to Intel Corporation, who is sponsoring the timeslot.

Intel has produced more than 125 million pairs of special 3D glasses to wear during the commercials, and will distribute the glasses via SoBe Lifewater products in grocery stores nationwide until the big game.

SoBe Lifewater commercials are famous for their colorful dancing lizards, which debuted during last year's Super Bowl in one of the most talked-about spots.

This year's 60-second spot will feature the lizards dancing alongside Super Bowl players and characters from "Monsters and Aliens" in a modern interpretation of classical ballet "Swan Lake."

NBC viewers will also be treated to a 3D episode of "Chuck" immediately following the Super Bowl. The episode will feature Super Bowl veteran Jerome Bettis.

Viewers can also call 1-800-646-2904 to obtain a pair of the 3D glasses.

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