Super Dreams Come True 43rd Time for Calif. Man

Man of steely resolve adds game #43 to his Super Bowl Streak

He's at $8700 and counting. 

According to our abacus, that's about how much San Francisco's Larry Jacobson has spent on admission to all 43 Super Bowls.

He paid the $12 face value for the AFL-NFL World Championship Game in 1967. 

By Super Bowl XXII, the price hit $100.

It doubled by XXIX in 1995.  $500 in 2003 for XXVII.

This year he forked over more than $800 for his ticket.

He said whenever he questions his wife about a purchase, the conversation ends with something like , "Well, how much does the Super Bowl cost?"

One of Jacobson's first dates with his wife was at Super Bowl XI, so she sorta knew what she was in for.

Jacobson is going it solo this year.  He left for Tampa Wednesday morning.

If you're wondering how he gets his hands on the tickets, he says it is now a piece of cake.  The NFL calls him every year and offers him one at face value.

By the way, Jacobson has also attended more than 40 Rose Bowls, 10 Summer Olympics and has been a 49er's season ticket holder since 1953.

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