The Week In Sports: Brackets, Breasts and LeBron

There actually were things stranger this week than seeing the president take time out from dealing with the ecomony to fill out an oversized NCAA Tournament bracket.. Like figuring out why Manny Ramirez wanted to play cricket. We'll catch you up on the weird and the wild in the week in sports faster than you could tour Terell Owen's mansion.

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President Obama shared his bracket with the country this week. But his teams got off to a slow start.
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The fact that Candace Parker wears a C-cup bra started a B-cup sized controversy when it came out in an interview.
David Stern gets what David Stern wants. And you know he wants Kobe vs. LeBron in the Finals. So let's just give the East to Cleveland now.
Terrell Owens' house in New Jersey is bigger than yours. And mine. Put together.
Jamie Mena
Bucks coach Scott Skiles is so old school, he told Charlie Villanueva not to use Twitter at halftime. Or, maybe that's just good coaching.
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Donte Stallworth's bad judgement left a woman dead.
Carol Rogers
The NFL finally got around to talking about Ed Hochuli's mistake. Ask Chargers fans if that is any consolation.
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Do you know the way to San Jose? The A's and the City of Oakland aren't even talking anymore.
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Smush Parker said playing with the Lakers sucked because of Kobe Bryant. Ironically, Kobe feels the same way about Smush.
How do you attract girls as an awkward 13-year-old? You catch a shark bigger than you.
Michael Vick's mansion is a steal at $4.1 million. Even in this market. At least that's what the Real Estate agent says, and they would never lie.
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Florida alumnus Congresswoman Corrine Brown has two advanced degrees from the university. Based on her grammar, we assume she took the same classes as the football players.
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There was some serious news out of the NCAA Tournament: Connecticut head coach Jim Calhoun was in the hospital and missed his team's first game. He is out now.
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How bad are the Sacramento Kings? Historically bad.
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