Gachapon! Japanese Capsule Machines For Toys

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If you ever go to Japan, you may notice these little machines that look familiar back home. They’re capsule machines with little toys and they’re called Gachapon.

The reason they’re called that is because it’s like an onomatopoeia. When you get the toy it sounds like gacha-pon.

First you’ll need to get some change. You can convert your Yen into coins.

Then it’s time to explore the variety of options that await you. Think of Gachapon like gumball machines, but for toys.

You can get traditional items like a plush sushi keychain or a kitty cat or a Shiba Inu dog or you can get more avant-garde with finger sushi, a mini sake bottle or Kakigori aka Japanese shaved ice.

And this whimsical experience is not just for kids. Adults also seek out these tiny treasures. 

There’s an element of surprise to see what you might get and it’s a collector’s paradise.

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