UF's “Defensive MVP” Has Hog, Needs Honking

Mini-furor over arrested Gators takes a decidedly unsexy turn with details of lawyer's sex suit

The debate over whether or not 24 recent arrests makes the University of Florida the new "Thug U" has long been funny. With arrest "databases," an athletic department ill-advisedly trying to (s)pin the trouble on Ron Zook, and serious headlines like "Will Tim Tebow Help Prevent Future Arrests?" how could it not be?

But now that we're reminded of the details of a sexual harrasment suit brought against the Gators players' go-to lawyer, it's both funny and really, really gross.

The buzz led to "defensive MVP" Huntley Johnson, UF grad and legal eagle behind Gators facing a little trouble with the law.  "Of the 23 cases handled by Johnson, 21 resulted in dropped charges, a plea deal or pre-trial deferment plans that help first-time offenders avoid charges after fulfilling court-ordered stipulations," reported the Orlando Sentinel.

Not bad, sir!  A fine record, to be sure.

But while examining the ways in which Johnson and his client must be careful to steer clear of NCAA violations, the Sentinel also noted that "the Florida Bar Association has no record of formal complaints or disciplinary issues against Johnson, who said he does everything possible to keep low profiles on UF cases." 

Huh...and now the whole thing is funny and funny, because a quick Google search reveals a sexual harassment case brought against Johnson by a former employee that's, well, unforgettable. 

In documents from the case, which former employee Pamela Thigpen won in both civil and appelate court, it turns out Johnson repeatedly told Thigpen to "get down on his hog and honk it" and "you want to put my hog in your mouth."  He also asked her to give a client a "mercy [roll in the sack]."  Ew!  Is he really an Arkansas Razorbacks fan?  Quelle horreur! 

He is also alleged to have gotten way too handsy, to have left nude pictures of himself around the office for her to find, and to have dictated to her while urinating.

Blech. Certainly, being a total creep hasn't affected Johnson's ability to be an effective advocate for Florida players in trouble with the law.  But with all the added heat, perhaps the Athletic Department should start steering players elsewhere.  Even Ron Zook wouldn't have gotten up to such shenanigans, and since this whole thing is his fault, that's really saying something.

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