Vikings Coach Childress Remains Obsessed With Favre

Brett loves Brad; Brett loves Brad not?

What is it with Brett Favre? In the past two years, it seems the only team able to resist the retired quarterback's will-I-or-won't-I charms has been the team that knew him best, Green Bay, where he was not-so-politely told to go away in favor of young quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2008. Everyone else seems smitten. Especially the Minnesota Vikings.

Nowhere has Favre's mysterious charm apparently worked so well as in Viking-land. Months after initial reports surrounding the Vikings' desire to sign Favre, they're still hot on the prowl. We thought Favre had gone away forever. The Vikings are not giving up that easily.

Today, they're reportedly asking Favre for a commitment. The Vikings want to know whether he wants to play or not, and they want to know now. ESPN's report goes so far as to cite a specific deadline set by head coach Brad Childress, president of the Vikings chapter of the Brett Favre fan club: one week. Favre has one week to realize how much Brad loves him. After that, it's his loss.

If this sounds uncomfortably like the process of two high-schoolers dating, well, you're not the only one. The problem if Childress and Favre were merely too high school kids with communication and self-esteem issues, we wouldn't have to put up with hearing their story every two weeks. Because they're Brad Childress and Brett Favre (especially Favre) we are subject to week after week of the Favre nonsense we thought we'd never have to deal with again. For the second time.

Someone, anyone, for the love of Tavaris Jackson, make it stop. We can't do this anymore.

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