WATCH: LeBron James Gets in Some Shooting Practice With Machine Gun

Heat star fires off some rounds with machine gun at Miami gun range.

LeBron James has been well known for his deadly accurate shot on the basketball court during his career. In fact, the Heat star is shooting a career best .588 on field goals this season.  

But on January 2nd, James ventured into a different type of shooting when he made a visit to Lock & Load Miami Machine Gun Experience & Range in Miami.
In a video made available on YouTube by Lock & Load, James can be seen firing off rounds from a M249 SAW Belt-Fed Machine Gun which is part of the Special Forces USA Package, according to the range’s website.

James, who was joined by his wife at the range, flashes a smile after firing the massive machine gun in the video.

In another video uploaded by the range, James tries his hand with an H&K MP5. Amazingly in both cases, there is little to no recoil, showing the immense strength of the star.

"The high-end venue caters to members and guests who want to experience the adrenaline rush of a fully automatic firearms experience in a safe and controlled environment," the range's website reads.

It's been a busy week for James off the court as he was also carded at a hotel bar in Orlando by a bartender while watching the Orange Bowl on TV.

James, who is 29 and therefore eight years over the drinking limit, didn’t exclaim "Do you know who I am?" Instead, he simply told the bartender "Look at my beard!" according to the Miami Herald.  

In the end, James laughed off the moment and got his drink.

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