Week in Sports: Obama P.I.G., A-Rod and Shattered Groins

It was a banner week for sports insanity. Let's review, shall we?

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The UConn women's basketball team visited the White House this week, and for their troubles, got beat by Barack Obama in a game of P.I.G. Fun, meaningless ceremonial nicety, or major female sports setback? We blog, you decide.
This was the Week of Swine Flu, and sports were no different: One college softball team was forced to forfeit a game, citing a swine flu outbreak on the team. Seriously, let's keep talking about swine flu forever. Or at least until it kills us all off.
To a more benevolent, less lethal animal: the Dolphin. A once homeless wideout, Brennan Marion went undrafted in the 2009 NFL Draft but has a chance to complete his NFL dream if he passes his tryout with the Miami Dolphins. We smell a Sheinhardt Wig Saturday Night Movie in the making.
Ouch: Athletic clothing company Under Armour recalled 200,000 cups this week after receiving complaints of the cups breaking, including one person who sustained bruises and cuts. We must protect this nether region ... better.
Usually reliable announcer Matt Vasgersian had a rough week: As an EMT helped Brad Hawpe off the field in a stretcher, Vasgersian made reference to how similar the EMT looked to Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Stupid joke, worse timing.
The Jets released Brett Favre this week. Between that and the rumors of Brett's imminent return to Minnesota, now we know the awful truth: We will never be rid of Brett Favre.
The NBA playoffs have been the story this week, and while the Bulls-Celtics series has been the best series (maybe ever), the wackiest result was Denver's 58-point shellacking of New Orleans. See how we didn't make a New Orleans-related disaster joke? Take notes, Vasgersian.
Worst idea ever? An Australian rugby team used KKK photos to advertise its unfortunately named "All White Night." They meant "white out," as in a harmless fan promotion where everybody wears white. Fails don't get any more epic.
Rangers coach John Tortorella and a feisty fan got into it this week, which was more fun than that initially sounds. The fan taunted Tortorella, Tortorella squirted the fan with water, the fan threw a beer, and then all hell proceeded to break loose. Playoff hockey: Where dousing happens.
Speaking of fans, after essentially pricing all of their fans out of the new Yankee Stadium, the team adjusted prices this week. Finally. Though you can't blame them. Really, in this economy, who could have anticipated that $2,600 seats would be slightly unpopular?
Haven't you heard? Beer pong is the next big thing. Unless it gives you swine flue, in which case we'll all be too dead to drink beer.
ESPN.com was hit with a special bit of code that allows users to type a combination and produce rainbows and unicorns all over the site. The code is called "cornify," which coincidentally is the same word Rick Reilly uses to describe his writing.
Remember the Jewish Jordan? Neither did we. But his story is as interesting and unusual as they come.
The Bengals, perhaps the NFL's most criminally inclined franchise, will be the subject of HBO's "Hard Knocks" this offseason. What better network than the one that greenlit "Oz?"
And, finally, A-Rod, whose personal and steroid-related details keep getting more and more embarrassing. The latest: A-Rod needed help loading his toothbrush in Texas. WITH STEROIDS? Probably!
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