Dolphins May End Up in the Belly of a LandShark

Rumors have it the owners of Margaritaville want to buy the right to put their name on Dolphin Stadium

Call it irony. Call it good business. But the Miami Dolphins playing at a home field named LandShark Stadium is wrong.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel is reporting a deal is close to allow Jimmy Buffet's Magaritaville chain a chance to have naming rights at Dolphin Stadium for a year. One of the choices could be LandShark Stadium, named after the LandShark Lager served at Buffet's restaurants.

"You’re going to find out real soon,” Buffett told a reporter at the Heat game earlier this week. “Real soon. It’s going to be great."

If by great, you mean awful or sacrilegious. Why not just call the stadium Margaritaville and get it over with.

How about renaming the team the Miami Sharks a la the fictional team from the movie "Any Given Sunday" (Pat White can play Steamin' Willie Beamen).

Let's not forget, the University of Miami also plays its home games at Dolphin Stadium, too. Can you imagine one of those, show your college ID, get a drink half-off promotions during a FSU-UM home game?

Again, bad idea.

Dolphin Stadium should have been renamed long ago for arguably the best coach in NFL history, Don Shula.

But profit shares and other financial mumbo jumbo has caused the need for corporate sponsorships and silly names like Minute Made Park or Arena.

Sure, new owner Stephen Ross wants fans to have a hipper and more South Beach-style experience when they come to games, but at what cost? And let's face it, Jimmy Buffet hasn't been hip for decades.

Give LandShark the heave ho. We'll drink to that.

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