Wild-Pat Needs Time, Taming

Pat White is adjusting to the NFL. And by "adjusting," we mean "throwing the ball far, far off target."

If there's one thing we've established this offseason, it's that Rex Ryan is the "OTA Super Bowl Champion." And if we've established something else, it's that Pat White is not. 


It's instinctive to respond to media reports of White's practice play with wide-eyed, unbridled panic. After all, if the wildcat offense is going to save the Dolphins, Pat White is its Jesus, sent down to Miami to carry out the plan (though not, apparently, to turn Key Biscayne into wine as we'd hoped).  And there have been lots of reports:

"There weren’t many candidates [for best throw of the day]...Sparano called White’s play 'hit or miss.' [He] also fumbled a handoff during red zone." 

"Quarterback Pat White looks every bit a rookie...White sails passes and looks overmatched out on the field...More often than not, White still looked like someone chucking the ball in the direction of receivers instead of passing it."

"White was consistently overthrowing receivers, an indication he was either nervous or he’s not very accurate."

"Rookie Pat White overthrew his targets A LOT during a tough day."

"'He kind of sprayed it around a little bit today,' Sparano said. White was visibly (and audibly) frustrated during the OTA session."

Oof. That actually hurts us on the inside, where feelings come from. It's enough to make one wonder if White might be better off taking the Yankees up on selecting him in yesterday's MLB draft.

But fans should not -- we repeat -- should not panic.  It's June.  White's been in the NFL approximately a month and a half.  He didn't have trouble with accuracy in college, but the NFL is faster, meaner, different, and West Virginia relied a lot on his legs. It'll be a while before the game slows down for him and he settles in.

Sure, he needs help.  That's obvious.  But he'll get it.  The first day of mini-camp is way too early to declare him a bust.

Unless we totally misinterpreted Jeff Ireland's comment that White "can make people miss," and he was referring to Dolphins receivers.

In that case, run for your lives.

Janie Campbell isn't panicking, but only because it's too hot outside. Her work has appeared in irreverent sports sites around the Internet.

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