You Bet Your Pom Poms They'll Win

In "The Amazing Race," two cheerleaders learn to be agressive... be, be agressive

There’s more to life than cheerleading.

Like reality television.

Friends Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmonson met while trying out for the Dolphins cheerleading squad, so when Jaime, who’s from Fort Lauderdale, wanted to try out of the "Amazing Race," Cara, who’s from Boca Raton, deferred law school to be Jaime’s teammate.

The duo is now one of six teams left in the race, along with sister and brother Tammy and Victor; father and son Mel and Mike; sisters Kisha and Jen; mother and son Margie and Luke; and brothers Mark and Michael.

In last week’s episode the former cheerleaders came in second place behind Tammy and Victor. According to TV blog Television Without Pity, Jaime has a reputation for being somewhat of a yeller – at a shopkeeper, a truck blocking their way, a cab driver. And that’s just last week’s episode.

"Everybody has seen by now that patience is not my virtue," the former cop (well that explains a lot) confessed in an interview.

But who cares about a bad attitude when you’ve got a slammin’ bod?

The next episode airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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