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Hoverboard Store in New Jersey Catches Fire

Federal officials have warned in past the devices may not be safe



    Fire Crews Respond to Flames in an NJ Hoverboard Store

    Fire crews responded to a report of a fire in a hoverboard store in Garfield, New Jersey. Chopper 4 captured crews outside the store Wednesday afternoon. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016)

    Fire broke out Wednesday afternoon at a store selling hoverboards in Garfield, New Jersey.

    It was not immediately clear how severe the blaze was, though it was put out within about 15 minutes. There were no reported injuries from the fire, which investigators believe may have been started by an overheated hoverboard.

    The two-wheeled devices were a popular holiday gift last year despite controversy over their potential to catch fire.

    Earlier this year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said no hoverboard on the market could be considered safe. At the time, the agency said it had received more than 50 reports of hoverboard fires, including those that destroyed two houses.