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Brothers Travel to Childhood Vacation Spots to Recreate Photos



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    Toma Alexandru
    Toma and Paul Alexandru went back to family vacation sites to recreate photos from their childhood.

    Two brothers from Romania surprised their mother with a birthday present that puts your gift card to shame.

    Toma and Paul Alexandru traveled around Romania to recreate childhood vacation photos taken nearly 20 years ago as a gift to their mother for her 55th birthday. The recreations are a near-mirror image of the old photos, right down to the facial expressions and poses. Even the clothing looked similar, but Toma Alexandru told the "Today" show that they were not able to match everything perfectly.

    The old and new photos were laid side-by-side and presented to their mother in a photo album.

    Their Mom was moved to tears, Alexandru said. Knowing she would get emotional, they included a box of tissue along with the gift.

    The brothers' photos are part of a popular trend on the Internet, where adults recreate awkward childhood photos and post them next to each other, making for some funny and sometimes cringe-worthy moments. 

    Click through the gallery above to see more of their photos.