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Game Over: Man Attempts Robbery With Joystick

Man uses Playstation remote control to commit two robberies



    Game Over: Man Attempts Robbery With Joystick
    A joystick is only a weapon in video games.

    Video games are so life like these days, people are now confusing joy sticks for real weapons.

    A Florida man was arrested over the weekend after he tried to use a Playstation remote control to stick up a convenience store in St. Petersburg, Bay News 9 reported.

    Cameron Pittman, 20, hid the remote control in his pocket and told the cashier it was a gun and that he came for the money, police said.

    But much like a scene from the cartoonish world of video games, Pittman's robbery attempt was foiled when a cop walked into the store while the video gamer was holding up the joint.

    Pittman, who allegedly used the joystick ploy to pull off a successful robbery moments earlier at a sandwich shop, immediately dropped the Playstation controller and surrendered.

    Game over with no possibility of continues.

    Pittman is charged with armed robbery and violation of probation.