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Thief Returns Boy's Prized Giant Pumpkin with "Sorry" Note



    Stolen Prized Pumpkin Returned

    A giant prized pumpkin that was stolen last week was returned over the weekend. The thief even left a note, apologizing for the incident. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013)

    A thief has returned a 255-pound pumpkin that an eastern Pennsylvania boy won by correctly guessing its weight -- along with a note apologizing for the theft.

    Nine-year-old Jaiden Newcomer, of York, won the pumpkin at an Oktoberfest celebration in Windsor Township and had displayed the giant pumpkin on the family's porch -- until it was stolen last week.

    But the York Dispatch reports the pumpkin was back on the family's porch Sunday evening after they returned from a weekend trip.

    The thief also left a note that says, “I'm really sorry about taking your pumpkin, it was wrong of me, you earned the pumpkin, I didn't think my actions through nor realize who they were affecting. Sincerest apologies.”

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    Amy Newcomer says her son is “very excited. He's beside himself.”

    The returned pumpkin surprised everyone.

    "I never thought it would actually be returned," Newcomer told the paper.