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Hawks Divebomb University of Miami Students

A pair of hawks have been a pain in the sides and heads of UM students



    Hawks Divebomb University of Miami Students
    Hawks are being a very literal pain for UM students.

    While the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks wage war in the NBA playoffs, the games are a far cry from the real battle going on at the University of Miami.

    What the Hawk
    A pair of real hawks is terrorizing students as they walk through one section of the college campus.
    One female student suffered a concussion after falling down from an aerial assault and others have reported lacerations to their heads and face from the talons of the menacing little birds.
    The attacks curiously began around the same time the Round 1 playoff series started.
    Coincidence? As Arsenio Hall would say, it’s one of those “things that make you go hmmm.”
    The red-shouldered hawk is actually protecting a nest of chicks located in a tree right above a path used by students to get grub, wildlife officials said.
    Spring is nesting season for the birds of prey, and this is the third year students have been the targets for the divebombing hawks.
    When a student approaches, the hawk swoops down out of nowhere, going straight for the student’s head. No eyes have been lost yet, but a few hairdos have been frazzled.
    News of the unprovoked attacks has spread like wildfire across the campus and security guards have been on the lookout for the winged predators.
    Signs are posted all over the campus warning students to watch their heads or carry an umbrella.
    Turns out D-Wade and the boys had a good reason to be scared out of their jocks when Atlanta’s mascot refused to fly down from the rafters before Game 2 last week.