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"Jason" Knocks on Door, Points Knife at Woman



    "Jason" Knocks on Door, Points Knife at Woman

    A man dressed as an iconic knife-wielding horror movie star allegedly made life imitate art over the weekend.

    Police in eastern Pennsylvania say a man wearing a scary hockey mask like the one donned by the Jason character in the Friday the 13th movies pulled a knife on a woman who answered the doorbell of her eastern Pennsylvania home.

    WFMZ-TV reports the incident happened about 1:50 a.m. Sunday in Lower Macungie Township. That's in Lehigh County, near Allentown, Pa.

    State police say the man pointed the knife in the direction of the 58-year-old woman, but didn't harm her before he left.

    Police say the man was also wearing a dark-colored jumpsuit and stands about 6-foot to 6-foot-4-inches tall.