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Massive Bootleg Booze and Drug Den Busted

Rural north Florida home specialized in moonshine and meth



    Massive Bootleg Booze and Drug Den Busted

    Diversity is the key to any good business, even if your trade happens to be illegal drugs and booze.

    Business was apparently booming at a home in upstate Bradford County, were police found a large meth lab that was also operating a moonshine still.

    Three people were arrested at the backwoods operation after a pharmacy tipped authorities to the rural home which was surrounded by trees and surveillance cameras.

    The operation was so big, the agency brought in to clean it up said it was the largest meth cleanup they'd ever seen.

    "We had gotten a tip that they had been buying an extreme amount of Sudafed and when they started researching it and came out to question the people that live here, they discovered an extremely large meth lab in operation," Capt. Brad Smith, of the Bradford County Sheriff's office, told WTLV. "[With] further search, they found a moonshine still that was producing quite a bit of liquor as well."

    Several pieces of drug and booze making equipment was seized, as were over half a dozen weapons.

    Douglas and Corinna Riles and Joseph Edward Panganiban all face charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and moonshine.

    Cops in Bradford said they hadn't busted up a moonshine operation in 13 years.