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Florida Mayor Takes Internet Competition to the Shark Tank

A Florida mayor swam with sharks to prove he is tougher than his Minnesota rival



    Real Mayors Swim With Sharks

    Sarasota Mayor Dick Clapp donned a wet suit and got up close and personal with a couple of Jaws' family members to prove he is tougher than his Minnesota rival. (Published Wednesday, March 17, 2010)

    It's stories like these that make you wonder how people get elected in the first place.

    Sarasota Mayor Dick Clapp really wants high-speed Internet for his community. So much so he swam with sharks on Wednesday.

    The stunt was part of a nationwide competition between mayors held by Google that threatens to leave many communities leaderless if this competition continues to spiral out of control. It's basically turned into a tough man competition.

    A mayor in Minnesota jumped into the icy waters of Lake Superior to prove he would do anything to be the test site for Google's ultra-high-speed Internet service, about 100 times faster that what the average person has access to.

    So the natural progression from pneumonia and freezing the death would be for an untrained 66-year-old man to jump into a tank filled with predators equipped with razor sharp teeth.

    "Aw, c'mon," Clapp told the Sarasota Herald Tribune. "Those are goldfish. Goldfish. We've got to show our mettle."

    They were actually hammerhead sharks and they don't eat flakes for food.

    Still, Clapp pulled it off, staying in the tank for a few minutes and managing to get out with all his limbs in tact. He had the stunt video taped and live streamed for Google execs to see.

    Once word of Clapp's death-defying feat gets out, there is no telling what will come next. Sky-diving without a parachute? Running through a kennel of hungry pit bulls with milk bone-scented underwear? 

    We're not sure if this is the kind of nuts Google was looking for, but it proves we'll do anything these days for a faster Internet connection.