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Mom Stole My Beer - Send the Police!

32-year-old Fla. son calls 911, demands mom's arrest after she takes booze



    Mom Stole My Beer - Send the Police!
    Pasco County Sheriff
    Charles Lee Dennison

    It's hard to be 32 years old and still live with mom, but when she takes your beer away, sometimes you have to take it like a man.

    Charles Lee Dennison, over in New Port Richey, learned that the hard way this past weekend when he was arrested for calling 911 to complain his mother had poached his pilsener.

    Dennison was "very intoxicated" and demanded that the police arrest dear old mom when officers responded to his initial 911 call Friday night, according to

    The sloshed son told cops that if mom wasn't arrested and charged, he'd keep calling the emergency number.

    Pasco County Sheriff's deputies instead charged him with making false 911 calls. Dennison was still in jail as of Tuesday morning, being held on $150 bail.

    Hopefully mom's kicking back with a cold one while junior sits in jail.