Man Racks Up 11 Felonies During Layover with Epic Crime Spree: Cops - NBC 6 South Florida

Man Racks Up 11 Felonies During Layover with Epic Crime Spree: Cops

Cops found him sitting in a water-cooling vat on top of a shopping mall, nearly submerged

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    Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
    William Todd racked up at least 11 felony charges during his nine-hour Greyhound bus layover in Nashville with his alleged epic crime spree that included a carjacking, a robbery at gunpoint, arson and plenty more.

    Given a bus layover in a strange city, how many possible felonies would you commit?

    If you were William Todd, who allegedly crammed an outlandish crime spree into a nine-hour layover in Nashville, that number would be at least 11, according to police.

    "He was just on a terror. I've never seen anything like this before," Sgt. Tony Blackburn told Nashville's NBC affiliate WSMV.

    "He rode the Greyhound bus and had a layover, then left in blue lights. There definitely could be more charges," he said.

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    By the time cops said they found Todd in the water of a cooling vat on top of a mall, he had allegedly stolen weapons and cash, carjacked a cab, robbed people at gunpoint, set a business on fire and smeared his own feces around a law office — and more.

    After Todd arrived in Nashville on a Greyhound bus at about 3 a.m., he began his visit by breaking into a closed-for-the-season haunted house just a few blocks from the depot, police said.

    There, he stole a taser, revolver and shotgun — and a T-shirt — before shooting up the business and setting it on fire, police said.

    Then it was on to robbing a local bar's patrons at gunpoint, tasing one of them and pistol-whipping another, police said.

    Five minutes later, he allegedly carjacked a cab and headed off to spend his victims' cash and use their credit cards, according to police investigators.

    After dropping almost $200 at a Walmart, he headed back downtown, where around 6 a.m. he found a law office to use as a bathroom. He ransacked the office, defecated on a desk and smeared his feces on framed law degrees, according to police.

    Inside an adjacent hotel, he went door to door impersonating a housekeeper's voice, in the hopes of robbing hotel guests, police said.

    He allegedly stole $600 from a Canadian couple at gunpoint, and according to police, at some point inside the hotel he shaved off his long red ponytail. Security camera footage showed him leaving the hotel bald, police said.

    He then allegedly crashed his stolen cab into a parking garage at 9 a.m. Two and a half hours later, he hailed a new one, holding the driver at knifepoint, and made his way to the Opry Mills shopping mall outside of the city center, police said.

    Police allegedly found him there, submerged in a water-cooling vat on top of the mall with water up to his nose, at noon, WSMV reported.

    The 11 or more felony charges Todd faces might not be the extent of his legal trouble, either.

    According to police, he is also a wanted man in Kentucky.