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Orlando Crook Made a Mint on Fake Benjamins

Colombians may be passing off fake $100 throughout the state



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    An Alabama church handed cash to parishioners with the instruction for them to use it on others.

    On South Beach, sometimes it can seem like it's all about the Benjamins.

    In Orlando, it's all about the fake Benjamins. A Central Florida man was arrested recently for turning $5 bills into $100 bills and selling them across the state.

    Juan Castro would sell his phony $100 bills for about $21 a pop. When police caught up with him, Castro had $10,100 in counterfeit bills.

    How do you turn Abraham Lincoln into Benjamin Franklin? Bleach and some fancy printer ink.

    Authorities discovered Castro's plot because bills across Orlando came up smelling like bleach. The swindler bleached the numbers off the $5 bills and replaced it with the "100" and a new presidential face. The money still had the authentic U.S. Currency feel, but it smelled funny.

    Federal authorities believe Castro is part of a larger Colombian counterfeit operation operating in Florida. Orlando's links to Colombian counterfeiters date back more than a decade and includes one of the Florida's largest confiscations of counterfeit cash.

    A second ring was broken up in January. Two cashiers at an Osceola County store were arrested as accomplices to a group passing counterfeit currency.

    So for now, when you are making it rain at the club, smell your money first.