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Slap-Happy Stripper Sentenced to Anger Management

Nikita Cazeau slapped the glasses off of 72-year-old Tasssos Kostoupolos



    A woman who took out her bus riding frustrations on a county transit bus driver has been ordered to attend anger-management courses to deal with her issues.

    Nikita Cassandra Cazeau, 20, is the angry bus rider in surveillance video taken in October that captured her unprovoked tirade and slap-happy attack.

    She was angry because 72-year-old Tassos Kostoupolos had told her he couldn't give her a ride unless she paid the $1.75 bus fare.

    Cazeau demanded the free ride and then slapped the bus driver so hard, his glasses went flying. Cazeau jumped off the bus before cops could arrive.

    She was finally tracked down Wednesday and arrested for battery on a person over the age of 65.

    During her bond hearing, Broward Judge John Hurley said the woman had clear anger issues and needed the Adam Sandler treatment.

    "Ma'am, your juvenile record shows you are a violent person," Hurley before issuing his release order.

    Cazeau, who listed her occupation as exotic dancer, must also be regularly drug tested because police found Xanax pills in her apartment when they came to arrest her.

    Maybe Jack Nicholson is available for an in-home consultation.

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